The Ragnar System by Viking

Standard Length of 46”, Expandable to Full length & Beyond Viking Stackable, Interchangeable Weight System Viking Quick Release V-Pro Solid Maple, All-American Performance Shaft Pro Taper Viking Super Ferrule Tweeten Le Pro Tip Compatible with all Viking Shafts and Accessories Made in the USA Lifetime Warranty

Amazing things often do come in small packages and this cue is no exception. Viking is proud to redefine what a “youth” cue represents in the marketplace.

Introducing the new Ragnar modular cue system- the system designed to grow with every player and their skill level. While many companies offer imported or watered down youth versions of cues in shorter lengths, the Ragnar is a true Viking that has been designed to expand and outperform the competition every step of the way.

As with every cue that is stamped with the Viking name, the Ragnar is built in the USA with the same, standard features and lifetime warranty that you can find in every Viking and is compatible with available Viking accessories and performance shafts.

For another generation, Viking continues to be... the Player’s choice.

Legendary Viking Craftsmanship

Built inside every Ragnar Cue are decades of experience and ingenuity. Built from the ground up to be a real Viking in all respects, offering every feature that comes standard on a full length Viking cue. Designed with the youth player (and small room owner) in mind, the Ragnar is a cue that will grow with you for a lifetime.

Your Performance Journey Starts Here

The Ragnar comes standard with the classic Viking V-Pro shaft - the same full length shaft that we include on our Viking B2000 and B2200 series cues. With a 12-14” pro taper, nearly indestructible Viking Super Ferrule and a Tweeten Le Pro tip, you are going down the path with the best. Compatible with all of our additional performance shaft offerings, you can upgrade your equipment as your skills improve.

All-In-One Performance

A System for Life. Great care was taken to ensure that the Ragnar cue was designed to interface seamlessly with every Viking accessory to allow the flexibility for a cue that can follow you as you grow in life as well as on the table.

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