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For a sport that has been around as long and has remained as relatively unchanged as billiards, it would be easy to think that there was little room left for innovation. That couldn’t be further from the truth. Here at Whyte Carbon, we realized that there was a stagnation occurring and our belief is that with stagnation comes opportunity. Manufacturing techniques are constantly evolving and a major innovation from other sports hadn’t yet been adapted to billiards. We used our extensive composites product experience and knowledge to adapt our proprietary cutting-edge seamless process technology to billiard shafts

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Whyte Proprietary Technology

Our seamless, micro compression shaft construction provides uniform bending properties and radial symmetry, which lowers ball deflection and offers more predictability than the traditional wood or carbon shafts currently in the marketplace.

  • Proprietary two-step process to maximize shaft stability
  • Radial Symmetry for Low and Predictable Ball Deflection
  • Automated fiber placement creates consistency from part to part

"Feels like wood, performs like carbon".

Whyte Carbon Shafts have that solid “buttery feel” with every shot.

Whyte Patent Pending Adapter System

We saw the problem and overcame it. Incompatibility Solved. Our Patent-Pending universal adapter system solves the issue of joint pin type incompatibility once and for all.

  • Our adapter system allows you to switch your shaft to a different handle in seconds.
  • Available in a wide variety of Industry Standard Adapters.

Whyte Carbon Seamless Constructions

Seamless Construction Process:

Seamless manufacturing is performed utilizing programmable, automated carbon fiber placement which creates shafts with radial symmetry and consistency from shaft to shaft in production.

The Competion...

Utilizes a sheet wrap construction process to form the structure. Inherently, there is always some level of overlap which causes inconsistencies in radial symmetry. Sheet wrapping is a manual process versus an automated process that is prone to inconsistencies.

Whyte Multi-Density Fill Pattern

Vibration. When it comes to handling the vibration of the “hit,” not all shafts are created equal. As the vibration transfers through a billiard shaft, it changes. So, it reasons to question; Why doesn’t the vibration dampening of my carbon fiber shaft change? With Whyte, the Multi-Density fill pattern in each shaft is matched to the vibration that is being resolved at each critical location of the shaft structure resulting in the most natural feeling carbon fiber shaft on the market today.

  • Multi-Density dampens high frequency carbon vibrations
  • Provides solid feel regardless of hit location on the cue ball
  • Feels like wood, performs like Carbon

Premium Carbon Fiber Shafts Engineered for Serious Performance

Seamless Construction

Radial Symmetry delivers consistent direction and increased predictability regardless of shaft rotation


Our shaft constructions feature uniform fiber distribution around the circumference

Dynamic Stiffness and Low End Mass

Optimization of Stiffness and End Mass minimizing Ball Deflection

Weight and Balance Point

Optimization of weight and balance are key to the "Feel Factor"

Our History in Development and
Manufacturing of Composites

For over 30 years, the members of the Whyte Carbon team have been involved in the development and manufacture of composites for sports applications. The products include ice hockey sticks, lacrosse shafts, golf shafts, swim caps, bicycle components, violin bows, pickleball paddles as well as other racquet sports products. Our customers have included companies such as, CCM Hockey, STX, Cobra Golf, Easton, Speedo and others.

In a number of cases players using products we manufactured have reached the pinnacle in their sport, in hockey Stanley Cup MVP, in golf, PGA Players of the Year (PGA and LPGA) and Olympic Medalists

Our goal in Billiards is to develop premium products that will enable players to reach the highest level in this category.