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Viking Joint Extension

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Viking Quick Release Joint Extensions 

Introducing the best way to extend a Viking Cue and retain the balance of the Viking Interchangeable Weight System.

Available in 3, 4 and 6 inch lengths in Midnight Black or Natural Stain for Cues with the Viking Quick Release Joint.

Contact us for Custom Ring, Stain and Joint Options to match the extension to your Cue!


NOTE: These extensions will not work with most Valhalla Cues. Please contact us at sales@vikingcue.com for options and more information.

Viking Cue Manufacturing, LLC warranties all Valhalla Cues against warpage and all components of the cue for the life. See our Warranty Page for complete details and information.

2 Reviews

6" mid-cue extension

Posted by Steve Adkins on 18th Apr 2022

Very light weight, appreciate the black stain with silver logo ( versus earlier versions). Highly recommend. Also have and appreciate the "Butt extension" I bought a year or two ago!

Joint Extension

Posted by Brandon on 29th Dec 2020

mixed feelings on this one. I'm 5'4" and there's a lot of shots where I hold onto the end of the butt while reaching out or just shoot left handed instead. I bought the 6" extension after a friend who is about 6'2" suggested it. I have to say that it does help with hard to reach shots, but when you are my size you do find that on the close up shots you have to hold the cue a little differently which changes the balance and makes it less comfortable. My friend on the other hand bought one because he plays snooker with his regular pool cue and he found that a person of his height with longer arms benefits from the extra length because they tend to hold onto the very end of the butt on most shots and the extension allows them to move their hand up onto the wrap instead.