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Made in the USA

Every part of every Viking cue is made in the United States. And, we endeavor to source every material used in those parts from American companies, too. We are a bit unusual that way. We control the design process from sourcing to manufacturing all under one roof at our Middleton, Wisconsin facility.

Viking cues are made from carefully-selected materials. Hard rock maple from the northwoods.
Bocote and cocobolo, among other woods, sourced for more than two decades from sustainable
plantations in South America. We use recycled plastic components. And, we offer tiger
emerald cue tips produced from recycled leather splits.

A Culture of Sustainability

Our manufacturing facilities are specially-designed for efficiently maximizing manufacturing equipment. Reduced energy
consumption. Minimized carbon footprint. All with the idea of continually improving our impact on a sustainable environment.

Low VOC UV-Cured
Coating System

Viking utilizes an Ultra Violet cured coating system – virtually free of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) with very little solvent content required. This system also affords us the ability to recover and reuse overspray in our finishing process further decreasing our demand for additional materials.

Second Life

All of the sawdust created by the cue manufacturing process sees a second life as horse bedding before finally coming to rest as fertilizer for the next plants to come around.

Plantation Wood

The Bocote and Cocobolo (in addition to others) that has been used at Viking for more than two decades is sourced from sustainable plantations in South America.

Abalone By-Product

The Abalone shell used is a byproduct of the Paua meat industry. From our supplier’s website: “The paua fishery is managed with a quota system in order to ensure the sustainability of this natural resource.”

PCR Plastic

Many of the plastic components Viking uses in its cues are manufactured with recycled plastic content.

Recycled Leather

The Tiger Emerald tip is made with recycled leather splits and laminated with water based custom-made adhesives. Viking is proud to offer it as an option on every American made cue.


Viking is committed to protecting our endangered species and is in full compliance with the United States’ ban on the Genuine Ivory trade, Viking Cues does not buy, sell, service or build cues with Genuine Ivory.

Our Facility

When Viking Cues relocated to Middleton, Wisconsin in 2013, much was done to streamline the manufacturing process with the full intent on reducing energy consumption. The new facility also utilizes high-efficiency lighting and state-of-the-art climate control to minimize our carbon footprint.

Global Vision