Material Selection

We carefully select all materials from a closely vetted roster of
resource providers. This enables us to provide you with the most
unique custom cues.

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From the woods of Wisconsin to the woods of the world

Wisconsin folks have a strong history of knowing woods. This state was essentially founded on lumber camps, sawmills and wood products. In following that tradition, all the wood
used here is hand-picked and inspected by our Viking artisans. In our lush woodlands and forests, the cold weather causes slower growth in trees which creates an ultra-dense
timber with tighter rings.

Choose from our state's native hard rock maple or an exotic hardwood from around the globe. It's all done with an expert eye toward quality,
beauty and, above all, performance.

Wood Type - HollywoodHollywood
Wood Type - BocoteBocote
Wood Type - Birdseye MapleBirdseye
Wood Type - Birdseye MapleBrazilian
Wood Type - CocoboloCocobolo
Wood Type - RosewoodRosewood
Wood Type - LacewoodLacewood
Wood Type - Leopard WoodLeopard
Wood Type - VermillionVermillion
Wood Type - Osage OrangeOsage
Wood Type - SnakewoodSnakewood
Wood Type - WengeWenge
Wood Type - EbonyEbony
Wood Type - ZebrawoodZebrawood
Wood Type - ZiricoteZiricote

Viking understands that what we put in your cue today affects the world tomorrow.
With evolving, energy-saving production techniques and the development of alternative
sources for materials that put as much back into the land as they remove, we hope to move
closer to achieving the goal of a net-zero effect on our environment with each step we take.

Responsible Sourcing


It can attract attention or change your mood. It can help define your personality, even how you play. That's why we spent so much time coming up with the new stain colors. We picked vibrant colors that we know will enhance the natural grain of the maple we use for Viking Cues.

So go ahead, pick one that's as individual as a custom Viking and the player that will be using!

Stain Type - NaturalNatural
Stain Type - Midnight BlackMidnight Black
Stain Type - EmeraldEmerald
Stain Type - KhakiKhaki
Stain Type - CoffeeCoffee
Stain Type - ConcordConcord
Stain Type - Ocean BluOcean Blue
Stain Type - TealTeal
Stain Type - SiennaSienna
Stain Type - Black CherryBlack Cherry
Stain Type - SmokeSmoke
Stain Type - Electric OrangeElectric Orange
Stain Type - Canary YellowCanary Yellow

Joint Styles

It’s your hit.

Regardless of the materials used, Viking joints have wood-on-wood contact surfaces for a natural, more solid feel.

The different shaft and butt material combinations modify the type of hit produced. The type of hit refers to how the cue feels when energy flows down the shaft, through the joint, and into the butt upon striking the ball. In most instances, joint selection is merely a matter of personal preference.

Viking manufactures each joint component in-house to assure the parts are flawless. Then, using custom-designed CNC machinery, we assemble the joints to assure dead-on accuracy.

Soft Hit

Butt Material:
High-Impact Implex Resin

Shaft Material:
High-Impact Implex Resin

Firm Hit

Butt Material:
Stainless Steel

Shaft Material:
High-Impact Implex Resin

Firm Hit

Butt Material:
Stainless Steel

Shaft Material:
Stainless Steel

Soft Hit,
Hustler Style

Butt Material:

Shaft Material:



Whether you select our double-pressed 100% Irish Linen Wrap or choose to lavish your cue with luxurious leather, all Viking wraps are professionally applied and will provide flawless performance year after year.

Double-Pressed Genuine Irish Linen Wraps

Our 100% Double-Pressed Irish Linen Wraps are professionally installed and will provide flawless performance year after year. The industry standard and choice for many players, featuring high grip-ability and top-quality, European-imported threads.

Wrap Color - BlackBlack/Black
Wrap Color - Black/BlueBlack/Blue
Wrap Color - Black/GreenBlack/Green
Wrap Color - Black/PurpleBlack/Purple
Wrap Color - Black/RedBlack/Red
Wrap Color - Black/SilverBlack/Silver
Wrap Color - Black/WalnutBlack/Walnut
Wrap Color - Black/WhiteBlack/White
Wrap Color - Black/YellowBlack/Yellow
Wrap Color - Burgundy/WhiteBurgundy/White
Wrap Color - Forest Green/WhiteForest Green/
Wrap Color - Blue/BlackGreen/White
Wrap Color - Maroon/WhiteMaroon/White
Wrap Color - Purple/BlackPurple/Black
Wrap Color - Purple/WhitePurple/White
Wrap Color - RedRed
Wrap Color - Red/WhiteRed/White
Wrap Color - Variegated Green/WhiteVariegated
Wrap Color - Walnut/BlackWalnut/Black
Wrap Color - White/BlueWhite/Blue
Wrap Color - White/BlackWhite/Black
Wrap Color - White/PurpleWhite/Purple
Wrap Color - White/RedWhite/Red
Wrap Color - White/TanWhite/Tan
Wrap Color - Navy/WhiteNavy/White
Wrap Color - Walnut/WhitWalnut/White
Wrap Color - Blue/WhiteBlue/White
Wrap Color - Blue/BlackBlue/Black
Wrap Color - White/GreenWhite/Green
Wrap Color - Black/GoldBlack/Gold
Wrap Color - Black/OrangeBlack/Orange

Elegant and Luxurious Viking Leather Wraps

Lavish your cue with luxurious leather! Gator, Ostrich and Smooth embossed, soft-grained genuine Cowhide wraps are now a standard "plus" option and makes a beautiful addition to your cue.

Wraps - GatorGator

Wraps - Black LeatherBlack Leather
Wraps - OstrichOstrich

Pearl, Stones, Shells & More.

With all the beautiful and timeless selections available, choosing the perfect pearl, stone or shell for your Viking Cue might take some time. That's why we put all of the options right here so you can make the choices that evoke your feelings of your inner warrior.

Pearls, stones, shell options - Smoke PearlSmoke Pearl
Pearls, stones, shell options - Red
Pearls, stones, shell options - GreenGreen
Pearls, stones, shell options - PinkPink
Pearls, stones, shell options - GoldGold
Pearls, stones, shell options - PurplePurple
Pearls, stones, shell options - BlueBlue
Pearls, stones, shell options - BronzeBronze
Pearls, stones, shell options - WhiteWhite
Pearls, stones, shell options - Aqua FireAqua Fire
Pearls, stones, shell options - Autumn SunsetAutumn Sunset
Pearls, stones, shell options - Blue DreamBlue Dream
Pearls, stones, shell options - Wild ThingWild Thing
Pearls, stones, shell options - Precious AlloyPrecious Alloy
Pearls, stones, shell options - Purple HazePurple Haze
Pearls, stones, shell options - Galaxy ShimmerGalaxy Shimmer
Pearls, stones, shell options - Crimson StormCrimson Storm
Pearls, stones, shell options - Saphire StormSaphire Storm
Pearls, stones, shell options - Venetian MarbleVenetian Marble
Pearls, stones, shell options - Juma Ivory SnakeJuma
Ivory Snake
Pearls, stones, shell options - Blue dragonBlue dragon
Pearls, stones, shell options - Juma Purple DragonJuma
Purple Dragon
Pearls, stones, shell options - Juma Green MambaJuma
Green Mamba
Pearls, stones, shell options - Juma Laguna DragonJuma
Laguna Dragon
Pearls, stones, shell options - Juma Golden DragonJuma
Golden Dragon
Pearls, stones, shell options - Juma Pink DragonJuma
Pink Dragon
Pearls, stones, shell options - Juma Magma DragonJuma
Magma Dragon
Pearls, stones, shell options - Cerulean TideCerulean Tide
Pearls, stones, shell options - Violet OrchidViolet Orchid
Pearls, stones, shell options - Raging FuryRaging Fury
Pearls, stones, shell options - Bumble BeeBumble Bee
Pearls, stones, shell options - Cotton CandyCotton Candy
Pearls, stones, shell options - Grape SodapopGrape Sodapop
Pearls, stones, shell options - Woodland HideawayWoodland

Exotic Materials and Stones

Exotic materials and stones - AbaloneAbalone
Exotic materials and stones - Banded MalachiteBanded
Exotic materials and stones - Black Gold StoneBlack
Gold Stone
Exotic materials and stones - MirrorMirror
Exotic materials and stones - TurquoiseTurquoise

Metal Ring Options

Metal Options - SilverSilver
Metal Options - BrassBrass

IMA Options

Using a proprietary, space-age Impact Modified Acrylic resin (IMA) originally developed for NASA, the standard butt caps on Viking cues are nearly unbreakable. They’re available in 3 colors and can be matched at the joint. Aesthetically pleasing & a key component in the durability of your cue.

IMA Options - BlackBlack
IMA Options - IvoryIvory
IMA Options - WhiteWhite

Skinny Cues

Slimmer, leaner and meaner. You asked for the option and here it is. Skinny cues have been working out so you can work the competition. Skinny cues are available on most Viking models as an upgrade.

The "SKINNY" option on a Viking cue butt measures out about 1.205" (30.6 mm) in diameter compared to the average standard diameter of 1.295" (33 mm). This may not seem like a big difference, but to the players that prefer the feeling of a smaller grip, the difference is HUGE!


Achieve Perfect Balance

Located where your hand rests rather than behind it, using the Viking Precision Weight Bolt System you can achieve perfect, natural balance and fine-tune your cue with our unique stackable weights available in 1, 1.5 and 2 ounce bolts. The Viking Precision Weight Bolt System is standard on all Viking Cues.

"Go to Battle on the table with a Cue as unique as you are"

Custom Materials