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The Viking Siege - Carbon Fiber Performance Shaft

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The Reviews Are Coming in...

"I just got this cue today and played about 10 games with it. All I can say is that I'm impressed! Compared to my friend's Predator Revo, the shaft is a lot smoother, providing nice smooth strokes every time you hit the cue ball. Moving from a wooden shaft to the carbon siege was one of my best decisions yet, and has allowed me to control the ball with more accuracy than ever before. Highly recommend this cue!"

-Cade K, a verified buyer on billiardsking.com

"Oh nice and thank you. I tried my girlfriends on her Viking cue and loved it, going to get rid of 2 Jacoby blacks that I have. I have a tournament coming up and am hoping to use your shaft on my Carmeli cue Thank you again"

-James H

"I wanted to give you some feedback on the new Siege. I was playing with both the Revo 12.4 and 12.9 along with more recently the defy. I use to shoot with back hand English and struggled with the Revos because of the far pivot point needed to make the shots work. I also had to adjust my shooting allot to adapt to them and finally gave up and switched to the Defy this past January. The Defy is good but not great. It still has deflection and when hitting long shots with some force the shaft wobbles way too much making it hard to pot the ball. I’ve been shooting with the Siege now for 2 weeks. The hit is solid on both soft and hard shots. I’m back to using BHE because with this shaft I find no issues with short bridges or long bridges. Right off the bat I can tell the deflection is very minimal. I can aim with side spin (I spin all my shots) inside and outside English no issues. No shaft has gone where I need it to.

This shaft goes where I need it to without having to make adjustments.

Now take it I’m not a big pro shooter but I do play about 1-2 hours a day and my skill level is a 6 in APA.  I’ve had better cue ball control mostly to find the shaft has very good energy transfer. I can hit very soft making me more accurate and getting plenty of cue ball movement.

Basically it lets the spin do the work. One other thing is I don’t need to wear a glove with how smooth the shaft is. I haven’t cleaned it and no sticky residue. The other shafts you definitely need a glove. I’ll be selling my other shafts and getting a second Siege for sure. Thanks for a great product!

P.S. Day 2 using the shaft I ran 2 9 ball racks plus 2 balls into the 3rd rack before missing. The shots I struggled with and had to make adjustments for previously were dropping clean"

-Ricky Z

"The 12.5mm shaft hits wonderfully. Ill have mine soon so I can make the switch. These shafts have the most feedback of any carbon fiber that i have used. Lots of time to practice with the Covid shutdown."

-Steven W

"Even though I finished 2nd place in this tournament I must say that the new Viking Siege shaft is truly Awesome!"

-Terry E

"What a shaft. Perfection in each shot. Wicked smooth. Energy transfer is top notch. I no longer force the cue for position. Where I stoke is how it rolls. This is my first carbon, I've used other players, but this feels incredible."


"Got mine last week and so far it is awesome! Been shooting with the eXactShot for 5 years and the Siege is better"

-Nathaniel N

"Yesssss!!!!! Loved the prototype I cannot wait to get mine. it’s unbelievable how good it hits. Thank you for everything you guys do at team Viking"

-Robert F

"Viking hit this one out of the ballpark"

-Zachary S

Most of our dealers are also players. Just some of what they have to say...

I work in the billiard industry and have access to try out and test all the shafts that come on the market. After hitting about 5 racks with the siege I was amazed. It has a very consistent feel and touch, no annoying hollow sound when you hit the ball, and the 12.25 tip seems to be the perfect alternative from what has been available from other manufacturers. With all the choices available in the carbon shaft market, I would highly recommend giving The Siege a shot, you won’t be disappointed

-Josh Gibson of The Billiard Store in Fort Lauderdale, FL

"I had a chance to play with the prototypes for a couple weeks, great hit, and great performance. I can’t wait to get them in the shop!"

-Curtis Johnson of Pockets Pool and Pub in AZ

"I'm a Viking Dealer. Being honest up front. Not a bad pool shooter either, Member of 3 different national leagues. I took delivery about a month ago of 2 Siege Carbon Fiber shafts. I've played with the 12.50 (which I'm used to size wise) now for perhaps 200 games. In comparison to the Vikor with the Tiger Everest Tip much more cue ball control. My other comparison I'd make is my long time Preditor Gen 3 with a layered tip.....the CF beats it all to heck.
If you live close to the west shore of lake Michigan, come try one out, if not find a dealer close to you to try one out for a few games. I know you will be impressed."
-MTE LLC Pool Table Service
 Free Soil, Michigan.
"As a Viking dealer in Dayton Ohio area I will also say the Viking siege compares well against others I have tried out. Very controlled and very great feel to it.
Dayton area of Ohio if want to try it out I am more than open to it"
"The siege runs close to exact shot in my opinion, Carbon siege is just more precise yet surprisingly and very consistent with every shot. Siege has a wood shaft feel but carbon stiffness and consistency"
Darrin M Morrow
"This shaft is the real deal!!! Has no vibration, very solid but soft hit. Feels better to me than Revo, Jacoby Black & Cuetec. I highly suggest anyone who has not tried this shaft yet, to do so. You will want one."
-Jinx Dunfee of JT Billiards in Edgewater, Florida


The Viking Siege



The Siege Carbon Fiber Performance Shaft by Viking™

A NEW Spin on Carbon Fiber Shafts
Until now, the billiard industry has relied on a carbon fiber shaft construction process of wrapping thin sheets of resin pre-impregnated carbon fiber around a steel form and overlapping the individual sheets as the diameter and taper of the shaft varies. This process of overlapping the sheets leaves undesired variations in wall thickness and stiffness and introduces radial inconsistencies over the length of the shaft in addition to requiring a final sanding process to create a smooth, even surface.
Viking is taking a step in an entirely different direction. The carbon fiber process used to create the Viking Siege Pure Performance Shaft allows the carbon fiber and resin to be wound on the shaft structure in a single, continuous process weaving the fiber and applying resin simultaneously. Because sheet overlaps have been eliminated with this process, the end result is a more uniform structure with increased radial consistency and a smooth, sealed, un-sanded outer
surface that stays cleaner and glides smoothly across your skin.

When it comes to feel, the engineers at Viking chose a new approach to create a balanced shaft with improved sound characteristics and significantly reduced vibration. The Viking Siege shaft utilizes a new vibration dampening system that allows us to introduce mass over the length of the shaft. This new process not only significantly reduces the vibration found in most Carbon Fiber shafts but also provides a balanced, natural feel unmatched in the industry yet still efficiently transferring wicked energy to the cue ball.
The Viking Siege is available in 12.25, 12.5 and 12.75mm tip sizes and is available in most common joint styles available in the market.

Indestructible Ferrule
Viking has developed a specially-formulated, high‑impact resin SUPER ferrule that is not just reactive, but simply indestructible.

All-In Performance

From tip to joint, all components within the Siege are designed to function as one. Whether you are a pro, amateur, or somewhere in between, the Siege will take your game to a higher level.


  • Tip: Kamui Black Soft (Standard)
  • Ferrule: 1/4" Viking SUPER Ferrule 
  • Shaft: Carbon Fiber 
  • Taper: 12" to 14" Pro Taper 
  • Joint Size: .840"  
  • Finish: Smooth Black Resin
  • Joint: High Impact Black (IMA), flat faced with a brass insert
  • Pin: Viking 5/16 x 18 Quick Release, Stainless Steel (Others available)
  • Warranty: Limited Lifetime

Care of Your Siege Shaft

  • The first step in protecting your shaft is registering the shaft at Vikingcue.com within the first 30 days of ownership to be eligible for its limited lifetime warranty. Specific warranty information can be found at vikingcue.com/warranty.

Cleaning of Your Siege Shaft

The surface of the Siege shaft has been engineered to be sealed from the outside elements. Although it is sealed, soils may build up on the surface of the shaft.

  • Day to Day maintenance can be performed with a soft, clean, debris free cloth lightly applied to the surface of the shaft to remove any residue followed by wiping with a soft, clean damp rag.
  • When a deeper clean is desired, Isopropyl alcohol wipes can be used. If wipes are not available, substituting a soft, clean, debris free cloth with a few drops of Isopropyl Alcohol (70%) will be effective.

Care of Your Siege Shaft

  • Under no circumstances can the Siege shaft be sanded or modified. The use of any type of abrasives, in liquid or solid form, will damage the sealed surface of the shaft and void the warranty of the shaft. The use of many common shaft treatments is not advised as many contain abrasive compounds that can damage the surface of the shaft.
  • The finish of the Viking Siege shaft is designed to glide through the hand without the use of additional products. Use of baby powder, hand chalk or talcum powder is not recommended and may cause damage to the surface not covered under the warranty of the shaft. 
  • The diameter of the shaft cannot be modified. Any process to reduce the diameter of the shaft will result in damage the finish of the shaft, weaken the carbon fiber structure and expose raw fiber shaft, release potentially harmful particles into the air and will void the warranty of the shaft.

Changing the Tip on Your Siege Shaft

  • The unique design of the Ferrule on the Viking Siege shaft makes it an integral part of the overall structure. Care must be taken not to remove ferrule material when replacing the tip. The removal of excess ferrule material may compromise the structure of the shaft and void shaft warranty.
  • It is recommended that the shaft be protected from contact with solvents, glue and any abrasives used in the tip replacement process as they may cause permanent damage to the finish of the shaft and may void the shaft warranty.

Changing the Ferrule on Your Siege Shaft.

  • The Carbon Fiber construction of the Siege shaft and it's components are subject to specific materials and extremely close tolerances. In the event that the ferrule needs to be repaired or replaced, it must be done so by Viking Cue Manufacturing to maintain the shaft's warranty.
Viking Cue Manufacturing, LLC warrants against warpage and all components of the cue for the life of your cue. See our Warranty Page for complete details and information.

8 Reviews

12.75 Viking Siege shaft

Posted by Paul Thornton on 23rd Aug 2023

I actually own two siege shafts and I really like them both. The newness of them has worn off however the feeling that I received upon playing with them the first time is still present. It takes less effort to produce movement with these shafts. This is really noticeable when I actually compared them to the exact shot shaft. Apparently I'm a Viking guy who enjoys playing pool using Viking products. However I still need a Viking break jump cue with a carbon fiber shaft. Maybe an upgrade to the crush ???? Back to the review of the siege shafts. Easy to clean and maintain. Smooth to the touch glides through my bridge hand effortlessly. I've used my associates Predator and to be honest with you. The performances were similar and the only thing that was different was the ability to use or apply English to the cue. I really believe that difference between the two brand shafts were the brand of tips. Pretty equally matched shafts. However I am sticking with the siege shafts. I'm satisfied with my decision to purchase my pool equipment from Viking. Please release a carbon fiber break jump cue !!! I'm in need of one. Thanks

I'm a new player, 6 months. AMAZING!!!

Posted by Thomas Cordova on 16th Jun 2023

I picked up a cue for the first time on January 5, 2023, today is June 16, 2023. I needed something to help reduce my stress from work and my best friend asked me to join his pool league. I fell in love. I purchased a pool table and used my friends cues at first. I put in on average 1.5 hours a day, some a little less and some nights 4 hours plus. Now to my cue history. My first cue was a 20 year old viking cue that my friend used. He is good and went to many tournaments. I wanted my own so I went to the local billiards shop and found the nicest looking cue, it happened to be a Viking with a ViKORE shaft. I shot with it for 3 months and felt I was ready to learn with a low deflection shaft. I did shot well with the ViKORE shaft, I just was ready for more. Now the Viking Siege 12.25. Being new to pool/billiards I am not accurate with long shots because I needed to hit a little harder and would lose my accuracy. I no longer have that issue. Such little effort to hit and deliver energy. I can now hit and get great leave with little effort. It feels great in my hand. My confidence is now greater. I use to stich myself because it just would not move to where I needed it to. I chose Viking Siege because I wanted something with low deflection and i felt Viking being USA made was the right answer for my current level to just stick with Viking and I shot well with the ViKORE. I noticed a difference immediately. I could not be happier. My cue looks great and hits even better. I do not feel I had a learning curve, but I am only 6 months into the game and don't have years of practice with cues that have mid to high deflection. My friends have the Predator Revo, I have tried theirs and I shot better with my Viking Siege. It just felt better, maybe I need practice with the P.R. but no need to that my Viking Siege is more accurate for me.

New Siege CF Shaft

Posted by John S on 27th Mar 2023

I love my new CF shaft, it plays Great!

Seige shaft

Posted by Richard Barrios on 2nd Jan 2023

I have played with other carbon fiber shafts, and in my opinion none of them compare favorably with the Seige. It's powerful hit and control make this shaft the best I've used. I also like the ability to order the shaft with my tip of choice at no additional cost rather than be relegated to a Kamui tip. Thank you Viking for delivering the best!

Everything I could have asked for!!

Posted by Zach S. on 18th Oct 2022

This is the best shaft I've ever used to shoot pool in my life brought my cue control game to a new level. Smooth stroke and noticeably lower deflection then the exactshot I previously shot with. Well worth the money if your thinking about upgrading this the only option in my opinion.

Viking Siege 12,75mm

Posted by Stein-Robert Holm Pettersen on 23rd Sep 2022

The perfect shaft! Superb hit and very low deflection. No vibrations. Firm and crisp without ever feeling hard. Just blown away by its pure playability.

Viking Siege

Posted by Brandon on 29th Dec 2020

Been playing with it for about a month now. Love how much less deflection there is with this shaft vs the OB-pro shafts that I used previously. Wasn't sure how I'd like the kamui black soft tip, been used to the black medium but the soft tip has a natural feel to it as well. The shaft has a glass like feel although from time to time you will find that a small clump of skin cells rubbed off on the shaft during the previous shot and almost mimics the feel of a dent as you line up on the next shot. Wipe it off and continue on. Overall it took little time to get used to the lack of deflection for most shots. I'm still working on using English off the rail to get around things that are in the way of a normal bank, but that took me a while to get comfortable with using the OB shaft too. Now the reason for a 4 star review rather than a 5. You don't know how disappointing it is to spend $450 on a carbon fiber shaft to find that it doesn't fit on your cue. Thread pitch was correct (5/16x18 quick release). What I found was the butt had a .264" diameter pilot. The shaft had a minor thread diameter of .260" which means that there would be a .004" press fit on something that should have a few thousandths slip fit (the OB shafts had .009" slip over the pilot and the original viking shaft had .001" slip). Luckily I found a 17/64 drill bit measured .266" so I took the shaft in one hand and the drill bit in the other and shaved out .006" by hand with very little effort. After that the shaft fit over the butt with practically no slop at all over the pilot and it threads on perfect. All that being said it is a great shaft, I just happened to come across one where the threaded insert they used was too tight on the ID of the threads to fit over the pilot on the quick release joint.


Posted by Muddyhippo helmick on 30th Oct 2020

What a shaft. Perfection in each shot. Wicked smooth. Energy transfer is top notch. I no longer force the cue for position. Where I stoke is how it rolls. This is my first carbon, I've uses other players, but this feels incredible.