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Unparalleled Performance

At Viking, we know that craftsmanship and performance go hand‑in‑hand. That explains our obsession with the little things—especially when it comes to creating the game‑winning technology that goes into every Viking Siege, X2, eXactShot, InViktus, ViKORE and V-Series performance shaft.

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Siege® Carbon Fiber

The Carbon Fiber Viking Siege Pure Performance shaft is truly an evolution of materials technology in the billiards industry. Centrifugally constructed and balanced, it is the most accurate and radially consistent shaft that Viking has created in its history. From the joint to the standard Kamui Black Soft tip, the Viking Siege will make sure you don’t take any prisoners at the table. Available in 12.25, 12.5 and 12.75mm diameters.

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eXactShot® Series

The patented X-Core construction of the eXactShot® Pure Performance Series gives you ultra-low deflection, radically enhanced accuracy and transfers more power through the standard Kamui Black Soft tip than a traditional wood shaft. The eXactShot® series will help you own the table.

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The InViktus Pure Performance Shaft is everything you have been asking for in an American-made laminated shaft – handcrafted from the finest Maple in North America. The 8-piece construction combined with a standard Kamui Black Soft tip delivers superior low deflection performance with excellent radial consistency. With its rock solid hit and low vibration, you can be sure you will leave the table victorious.

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The ViKORE® American Performance Shaft features advanced low deflection, a standard Tiger Everest Medium tip and enhanced power from our reactive ViKORE® center. This technology translates into enhanced feel and low vibration. Every ViKORE® shaft is designed to help you take your game to the next level. Players around the country agree, these shafts will help you hit the ball straighter so that you pocket more shots.

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The V-Series of shafts from Viking have proven themselves to be an excellent value and have been winning in pool halls for over 50 years. Tried and true classics with solid Maple construction, V-Series shafts are available in 3 distinct configurations.

The V PRO shaft is our tried and true classic 12–14" pro taper shaft with a standard Tweeten LePro tip. Winning in pool halls for over 50 years, this shaft provides sure hits and excellent accuracy at an outstanding value.

The V CRUSH. The conical taper and reactive phenolic ferrule and tip supply wicked energy transfer resulting in amazing breaks and high-flying jump maneuvers! It comes standard on Viking Crush break cues and the Viking Punch jump cue.

The V SPIN is a reduced diameter conical taper that enables the skilled shooter to achieve greater English on a shot when you need it.

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