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Valhalla Joint Protectors

$3.00 (Fixed Shipping Cost)
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Protect your Investment!!

Joint Protectors will extend the life of your Valhalla Cues. 

Valhalla Joint protectors will protect the pin from damage and will keep debris and lint from getting in your threads.

Set contains: 1 Female Joint Protector and 1 Male Joint Protector

Will fit 5/16"x18 Full Thread pin and insert*


*May not be compatible with certain Valhalla models which have a piloted 5/16"x18 Quick Release Joint. If you need any help identifying your joint, please contact us at 1.800.397.0122 or email us at sales@vikingcue.com.

2 Reviews

Fit's standard Cues

Posted by Van on 8th Apr 2021

The Viking Brand has some joint protectors that only work with Viking Cue's--but these Valhalla ones fit my Valhalla Cue and my other branded Cue. I added a couple of these to my order instead of paying for shipping--Heck it's the same price might as well have some nice joint protectors for the price of shipping

Not a Tight Fit

Posted by Elijah B on 18th Dec 2019

These are the first joint protectors I’ve ever owned, and I like everything about them except they fit just a little loosely. If you’re familiar with joint protectors, and all of the ones you’ve owned have been slightly loose for easy on/off, then ignore me, and buy these appropriately branded Valhalla protectors for your Valhalla cue.