Our Valhalla Cue Line

Just like our legendary ancestors, our line of Valhalla pool cues are designed and manufactured not only for the apprentice, but also for the weekend warrior.
A significant value yet still elegant by design providing unyielding performance.

Anatomy of a Valhalla cue

Confidence in Quality

A Premium Import. Designed and engineered by the artisans at Viking to bring out the best playability in a cue at the highest quality for the greatest value. Rich stains and eye catching designs are a Valhalla hallmark. Our Valhalla line prepares you well for your next battle.

Industry Standard Joint

Valhalla cues come with an industry standard 5/16”x18 full thread joint. The CNC machined stainless steel pin and brass shaft insert are designed to maximize joint contact and last the lifetime of your cue.

Premium Leather Tips

Every Valhalla Cue comes standard with a custom Triangle solid leather tip manufactured exclusively by Tweeten USA from hand selected hides and engineered for exceptional play characteristics and long life.

Interchangeable, Stackable
Weight Bolt System

Located in the grip of the cue rather than at the end of the butt, the Viking Interchangeable Weight system creates a more natural balance point for your cue. Stackable, you can add up to 5 ounces to the natural weight of any Viking cue with easily accessible tools.

A Grip For Everyone

Each cue design has its own personality. With designs that feature no wrap at all to those that incorporate flawlessly installed Irish linen, nylon, leather or even a rubber sport grip, you can be sure to find a cue that not only matches your own personality but your playing style as well.

your cue

With multiple fonts and options to add engraving to your cue, you can truly make the cue your own.

Options for your
skill level

With the option to change the tip size of the shaft as well as the ease of changing the playing weight, a player of any skill level can find an option that can grow with them.

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