Repair Services 2021


We are the top Tip and Ferrule Repair, Shaft Repair, Joint and Butt Repair and Pool Cue Refurbishing and Refinishing Specialists in the USA. Since 1965, we have serviced, repaired and refurbished over 30,000 pool cues. Our team of highly skilled, factory-trained cuemakers is here to assist and serve you every step of the way. Absolutely no one can fix your Viking Cue better than we can! 

PLEASE NOTE: Viking has a new online repair submission process. You must have a Return Authorization from Viking to submit your cue for repair and/or warranty consideration

It just got easier to get your cue fixed!  

  1. Click HERE to get to our online submission form. 
  2. Fill out the form and submit photos of your cue at the end of the submission process.
  3. You will be contacted by Viking Customer Service with a Return Authorization number and instructions on where to ship your cue.
  4. Send the cue and/or shaft in a new carton or tube.
  5. Ensure the cue is properly wrapped and secured.
  6. Insuring the cue is optional, but advisable.
  7. Print the Return Authorization From provided by Viking and insert into package you send.

NOTE: Shipping, handling and inspection charge - $16.95 per cue (Waived for warranty returns)


Submission of Cues without Return Authorization

No Cues or shafts will be accepted by Viking for repair without a Return Authorization number issued by Viking. Cues arriving without a valid Return Authorization number will be subject to additional processing fees and/or refusal of delivery.

Repair of Non-Viking Cues

Due to overwhelming demand and difficulty in obtaining third party materials, we regret to inform you that as of April 1st, 2018, Viking ceased repair processes for non-Viking cues. Tip replacement service is still available.

Standard Delivery

Viking Cue Repair ships Monday through Friday, primarily via UPS. We use US Mail for PO boxes, APO/FPO, and all other addresses outside the continental US. Extra freight charges may apply due to the quantity, weight, or nature of items ordered beyond shipping and handling charges listed.

How much extra will priority shipping cost?

Upgraded shipping options, next day air, second day air and three day select, will be available on the current rate scale for all products. Call or email for pricing.

What is the best way to ship a cue and shaft?

To ship a cue and shaft to Viking Cue Repair, please use a round tube that is 32" - 34" long. Tubes are available at most UPS stations, carpet and drapery centers, art stores, etc. Wrap the cue in several layers of foam or bubblewrap for protection. Include a copy of the Return Authorization from provided by Viking with your shipment.

Damaged Goods?

If a package arrives damaged, call us immediately. If the driver is still present, ask that the damage be noted. This will expedite shipping claims. Do not discard product or packaging, as the carrier may wish to inspect the package as part of their claims processing. If the package is damaged but the merchandise appears unaffected, note the damage on all delivery receipts before signing.

Viking Cue in Compliance with United States’ Ban on Ivory Trade

February 11, 2014, The United States announced a new strategy that bans the commercial trade of ivory. Agreeing with this decision, Viking Cue will never, buy, sell, or use any ivory in any of its cues, nor will they service or repair any cue, which contain ivory components.

The ban on ivory trade is necessary to combat the terrible process of poaching, which is decimating the populations of the African and Asian elephants to the point of extinction. The ivory from elephants’ tusks is not only used in billiard products, but also in musical instruments, mainly piano keys and guitar inlays, so we urge all musicians to make sure that their instruments are free of ivory. We also urge anyone living in a part of the world where ivory trade is legal to speak out and ask shops to stop the sell of ivory. Not only does is cost the life of an elephant but also traumatizes the elephant population.


If you are not sure whether your cue has real ivory pieces or imitations please check with a reputable antiques dealer near you.