Our Viking Cue Line

Vikings were renowned craftsman and artisans building ships, villages and weapons that celebrated their talent and conquests.
Just like the legendary Vikings, our line of high performance pool cues are designed and manufactured by craftsman with an
exquisite eye for quality and performance.

Anatomy of a viking cue

Finger Joint

Viking’s innovative finger joint assembly is yet another feature that sets our cues apart from the rest. Helping to ensure straightness, dimensional stability, and to minimize warpage and twisting, your Viking cue will feel stronger, hit straighter, and perform like a single piece of wood.

Viking Quick Release

While the competition charges as much as $125 to add a quick release joint, it comes standard on a Viking Cue. Designed to achieve the perfect balance of accuracy, strength and speed, all of our joint pins and inserts are manufactured and installed on state-of-the-art CNC machinery to ensure our joint assembly is dead center for accuracy.

Viking Super Ferrule

With over 300,000 in play without a single broken ferrule, the capped and threaded design of the Viking Super Ferrule ensures improved glue surface contact and a superior connection with the shaft. Manufactured in an exclusive process from a proprietary resin, it is designed to last a lifetime.

Threaded Butt Cap

The black, white or ivory butt cap on a Viking cue is manufactured from a custom blended proprietary resin and threaded on for more glue surface contact, stress relief and to facilitate the pass through interchangeable weight bolt system and our “screw-in” low profile sport bumper.

Interchangeable, Stackable
Weight Bolt System

Located in the grip of the cue rather than at the end of the butt, the Viking Interchangeable Weight system creates a more natural balance point for your cue. Stackable, you can add up to 5 ounces to the natural weight of any Viking cue with easily accessible tools.

Viking "Glass" UV Finish

Every Viking cue undergoes a meticulous 27-step finishing process and includes the application of many layers of Viking UV finish which, between coats, is sanded by hand to give our cues the “glass‑like” appearance that Viking is known for.

your cue

No other cue maker offers more standard options to make your cue your own.

Built to your
skill level

With multiple performance shaft options available at a wide
variety of price points, a player of any skill level can find an
option that will grow with them.