We smell the sawdust everyday.


Wisconsin folks have a strong history of knowing woods. This state was essentially founded on lumber camps, sawmills and wood products. In following that tradition, all the wood used here is handpicked and inspected by our Viking artisans.

The secret to straight cues is starting with properly cured woods then mutable turns and seasoning to relieve stress. To complete a Viking cue it takes 1 – 2 years. No it’s not the cheapest way but it is the best.

Whether we use our state’s native hard rock maple or an exotic hardwood from the other side of the globe, it’s all done with an expert eye toward quality, beauty and above all, performance. 

bicote.jpg birdseye-maple.jpg cocobolo.jpg ebony.jpg hollywood.jpg
Bocote Birdseye Maple Cocobolo Ebony Hollywood
lacewood.jpg leopard-wood.jpg osage-orange.jpg rosewood.jpg snakewood.jpg
Lacewood Leopard Wood Osage Orange Rosewood Snakewood
tulip.jpg vermillion.jpg wenge.jpg zebra.jpg zircote.jpg
Tulipwood Vermillion Wenge Zebrawood Zircote