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Cue Tip Shaper and Scuffer

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Cue Tip Shaper/Scuffer Combination

Aluminum housed steel cue tip scuffer - sharp and durable. Helps shape your cue tips for increased chalk hold. Increase your accuracy with this addition to your billiard pool cue care kit . Bright, lightweight and portable.

Shaper: Find the perfect radius tip to match your playing style using one of three different sized shapers: .312" - 8.0mm, .354" DIME - 9.0mm & .394" NICKLE - 10.0mm..Each option has a gauge above to check your work. A properly shaped tip will maximize cueball control and shot consistency.

Scuffer: A scuffed tip holds chalk better which reduces the chance of a miscue. These two flat scuffers come in two different grits, giving your tip maximum chalk retention and a finish of your choice.