QuicSlick Shaft Maintenance System

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$3.00 (Fixed Shipping Cost)
QuicSlick Shaft Maintenance System

QuicSlick Shaft Maintenance System by Billiards Engineering

The QuicSlickTM will maintain your shaft in that professionally cleaned slick feel every time you play.

The QuicSlickTM Shaft Maintenance System includes a patented conformal burnishing block for your wooden shaft. The burnishing block is designed to evenly spread the burnishing pressure over a large area in order to clean & slick your shaft evenly and quickly with the precision of a cue smith. The re-useable burnishing films are micron rated and waterproof.

The QuicSlick System includes:

  • Instructions inside the package header.
  • One patented Burnishing Block.
  • 3x Blue Films.
  • 3x Green Films.
  • 3x Yellow Films.
  • One re-sealing carrying bag.



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