At Viking Cue, Custom Means Custom, you have the option to vary any part of the cue to fit your aesthetic or performance needs—from joint and shaft to ring work and inlays. Create the look and the feel you want to match your playing style.


Why does Viking Cue offer so many options?

We want you to create a cue that will tell people “who you are” and a cue that “speaks to you.” Creating your Viking cue might take some time. Especially when choosing from all the exotic woods, metals, pearls, vinyl, stains, gemstones, and designs we have to offer. Don’t forget, you can also choose your tip, taper, and weight on ANY Viking Cue.

inlays-1.jpgfrom the woods of wisconsin to the woods of the world

Wisconsin folks have a strong history of knowing woods. This state was essentially founded on lumber camps, sawmills and wood products. In following that tradition, all the wood used here is hand-picked and inspected by our Viking artisans. In our lush woodlands and forests, the cold weather causes slower growth in trees which creates an ultra-dense timber with tighter rings. Choose from our state’s native hard rock maple or an exotic hardwood from the other side of the globe, it’s all done with an expert eye toward quality, beauty and above all, performance. 

viking stains

Viking offers a huge selection of vibrant colors of stain that will enhance the natural grains found in maple and Birdseye. Each beautiful grain-enhancing stain is carefully hand-applied by a Viking technician.

handcrafted wraps

Whether you select our double-pressed 100% Irish Linen Wrap or choose to lavish your cue with luxurious leather, all Viking wraps are professionally applied and will provide flawless performance year after year.

achieve perfect balance

Using the Viking Precision Weight Bolt System, you can achieve perfect balance and fine-tune your cue with our unique stackable weights available in 1, 1.5 and 2 ounce bolts. The Viking Precision Weight Bolt System is standard on all Viking cues.


We don’t skimp on the details. In fact, we believe the definitive value of a Viking is in our attention to details. Although hard to see from a distance, look closely at our threaded ring work and precision CNC inlays. Rings and inlays provide the fine aesthetics when using different woods and materials, but we join them in a way that maintains the solid feel of a one piece cue. “Under the hood” you would see our exclusive finger joint dowel construction allowing our cues to play like an extension of yourself. It’s ultimately in the unseen, small details that make our hand-crafted Viking cues unique and allow them to feel as good as they look.

viking UV Finish

Made from many layers of UV finish. Between coats, the cues are painstakingly sanded by hand to give our cues the “glass-like” finish that Viking is known for. Also Viking Glass encapsulates the wood and protects your cue from the elements. Viking UV Finish is not only beautiful, it is tough and made to last. options gallore

rubber meets road

The Viking “Stay-Put” threaded rubber bumper protects and gives the butt end of our cues a sleek, minimalist profile. When you build a solid cue like a Viking, you don’t need a distracting, bloated cushion at the end of your cue. Because they are threaded, you never have to worry about them falling off of your cue.

simply indestructible ferrule

Exclusively designed, tested and manufactured inside Viking Cue, our indestructible SUPER ferrule exceeds every quality standard with over a quarter million in play and not one cracked ferrule. No other ferrule in the business can say that.

best tips

With every Viking Cue, you get a performance tip standard. Depending on the model, a Viking will be armed with a LePro Medium Tip, the Tiger Everest® Medium Tip or the Kamui™ Black Soft Tip. For players, tips are a personal choice and the reason we offer nearly all other quality manufacturers tips.

taper options

The taper of a shaft should fit that player’s shooting style and skill level. All Viking cues come standard with 12-14” pro taper which gives all our shafts natural low-deflecting properties. For those that demand more power, we offer a conical taper

quick release joint & pin

The Viking Cue Quick Release Joint and Pin reduces the time and effort required to connect our two piece cues. Depending on the joint style, you will get a different feel when hitting, ranging from soft to hard. Exclusively designed, tested and machine cut on our state-of-the-art CNC lathes, every one of our joints are made with a flawless seam for dead-on accuracy, every time. usa made, usa proud

Performance Shafts

Viking performance shafts are born from innovative design and built with a passion for craftsmanship and performance. On a Viking cue these shafts are pure precision and accuracy. The revolutionary Viking eXactShot®, the players choice ViKORE®, and the solid V PRO® shafts are dominating performers and certainly embody our motto “Nothing conquers a Viking”.

  • vpro shaft The Viking V PRO shaft starts with engineering excellence. If you are looking for more power, the V PRO CRUSH is your shaft; more spin, the V PRO SPIN is your shaft; and more accuracy, the V PRO is your shaft. Or do what many top players are doing, get all 3 and make any shot on the table!
  • vikore american performance shaft The ViKORE® American Performance Shaft features advanced low deflection and enhanced power from our reactive ViKORE® Center. What does this mean? Enhanced feel and low vibration. Every ViKORE® shaft is designed to help players take their game to the next level. Players around the country agree that these shafts will help you hit the ball straighter, so that you pocket more shots.
  • eXactShot® pure performance shaft The all-new eXactShot® Pure Performance Shaft has everything you need combined with everything you want. Get pure responsive power with ultra low deflection from our patented eX-Core® construction and radically enhanced accuracy using the sightlines. What does this mean? You get greater accuracy and more shots made. In fact, we feel the eXactShot® is REVOLUTIONARY.

Every Viking Performance Shaft and Cue is proudly Made in the USA and handcrafted in our facility in Madison, Wisconsin. Every Viking product demonstrates our commitment to you with a Lifetime Warranty against defects, including warpage.