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STRAIGHT SHOT - Viking Cues Tip of the Week with Mike Roque, author of Build Your Game.

Posted by on May 15, 2017


“…the pure skill of the game is in straight pool.” -Joe Balsis

Straight pool was the champion’s game of choice for many years. It moves a little slower than nine ball, and doesn’t offer the modern day crowd appeal of a fast–paced game such as nine ball. But if you’re a player wanting to reach your full potential, it offers opportunities that are hard to find in other games.

With all fifteen balls in play, straight pool is a congested game. There are clusters and combos, blocked pockets, and balls that need moving, sometimes only an inch or so.

It’s challenging to run a full rack in straight pool, and the demanding goal of running a hundred continuous balls will require pinpoint cue ball control nearing perfection.

Players with a straight pool background see elite shots that others might miss like caroms, rail–first shots, and combos that need to be thrown. Since nicking balls and breaking clusters are part of every rack, you’ll learn to return the cue ball precisely off the rail.

Straight pool improves your mental game, as you are forced to think through each shot to keep your run alive. Master ‘the game of kings’ and you will unlock a treasure chest of knowledge that you can apply to all other pool games.

Make straight pool part of your daily routine!

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