ONE POCKET - Viking Cues Tip of the Week with Mike Roque author of Build Your Game.

ONE POCKET - Viking Cues Tip of the Week with Mike Roque author of Build Your Game.

Posted by Mike Roque | Viking Cues on 11th Jun 2019

One Pocket

“It’s really helped my tactical game. I’m winning with safeties and kick safeties.”

-Niels Feijen

ONE POCKET is like playing chess on a pool table. You’ll need patience, discipline, and a library of knowledge. Excellent cue ball control is essential, and skills at banking, multi–rail kicking, rail–first shots, combos and tickies come up in every game. You don’t really need to be a top shot maker, but you need to know the shots and the moves to win.

In one pocket, every shot has an offensive and defensive nature. Playing it will develop your ability to move balls and improve your position while playing your opponent safe. It’s like eight ball on steroids!

Many great players consider one pocket the greatest of all pocket billiard games because it challenges your creativity and constantly forces you to respond to difficult situations without selling out.

One pocket, like straight pool, shares the necessity for exact cue ball positioning. As speed is one of the top skills needed for playing shape, it benefits your ability in all games. Mastering excellent speed control also leads to playing killer safeties, and like Niels Feijen, you will win more games where strategy and kicking are a factor.

Playing one pocket will improve all facets of your competitive pool game.

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