LUCK - Viking Cues Tip of the Week with Mike Roque author of Build Your Game.

LUCK - Viking Cues Tip of the Week with Mike Roque author of Build Your Game.

Posted by Mike Roque | Viking Cues on 16th May 2018


“Sometimes winning comes down to the luck of the draw and the rub of the green.”
-Willie Mosconi

Like it or not, luck is part of the game. Don’t you hate it when your opponent misses a ball and leaves you hooked with an impossible kick? How about when he calls a shot in the corner, but misses it so badly it goes around four rails and into the pocket he called?

A light kiss or a nudged ball can create an easy shot on the game ball or put you in jail. The luck factor adds uncertainty to the game. It’s simply not possible to control everything that happens.

However, it’s how you react to rolls that can decide the outcome of many matches.

It’s absolutely essential to keep a positive attitude. Your opponent will get lucky rolls, but so will you. So accept it and smile when it happens!

Be aware that sometimes a novice will get more lucky rolls than an experienced player. This happens partly because the unskilled player will often lose control of the cue ball and move balls around by accident.

Once a bunch of balls are on the move, anything can happen! The bottom line is to accept all the rolls, his and yours, and handle them with a positive attitude.

Luck comes and goes like the wind. Stay steady; eventually you’ll get a roll.

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