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Stop Shot Safety - Viking Cues Tip of the Week with Mike Roque, Author of "Build Your Game"

Posted by on February 10, 2017

Viking Cue's Tip of the Week with Mike Roque, author of "Build Your Game"

Stop Shot Safety

“The beauty of a stop shot safety is you can control the cue ball with total accuracy.” -Phil Capelle

THE STOP SHOT SAFETY is hands down the greatest way to lock up your opponent behind a ball.

To execute a stop shot, the cue ball must be sliding when it hits the object ball full. With a medium speed stroke, the cue ball will slide for a few feet before it starts to roll. Therefore, anything within three feet of the object ball and the cue ball will stop easily with a center ball or slightly below center ball hit.

Longer distances require more speed or backspin to overcome the friction of the cloth, and any deviation from a pure center ball hit can let the cue ball drift slightly toward one side. Mastering the stop shot at longer distances will require working with different combinations of speed and backspin, but it’s well worth the effort.

Because you can predict the exact position of the cue ball after the shot, all you have to judge is the speed of the object ball. Stop the cue ball directly behind another blocking ball and you can hook your opponent at will.

It offers complete control of the cue ball with a big margin of error on the speed of the object ball, and that makes it a killer safety!

Look for the stop shot safety. Use it to get ball-in-hand and run out!

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