Open or Closed - Viking Cues Tip of the Week with Mike Roque, Author of "Build Your Game"

Open or Closed - Viking Cues Tip of the Week with Mike Roque, Author of "Build Your Game"

Posted by Mike Roque | Viking Cues on 19th Dec 2018

Open or Closed

“The more I play, the more open bridge I use. I see the whole shaft and line of aim.”

-Max Eberle

THE BRIDGE is a crucial part of your stroke mechanics. It affects every aspect of the shot including aiming, english, and follow–through. The two main categories of bridges are open and closed and each one has its own advantages.

Open bridges are easy to make. With your hand flat on the table, they provide excellent stability. They also provide a clear view of the shot. Because you can see the whole shaft, it’s easier to get good alignment.

They are extremely accurate for aiming, and using one helps develop consistent shot execution. There is less friction between fingers and cue which contributes towards a smooth stroke. Open bridges are favored on soft to medium speed shots where touch and feel are the priority. You can also use this bridge effectively on many other shots.

Most players use a closed bridge on the majority of shots and almost all of them use it on break shots, power shots, and spin shots. On these shots, it prevents the cue stick from coming off line.

Practice using the open bridge—it’s an excellent tool. Get comfortable with it and use it to your advantage.

Give the open bridge a try!

It can help aim and alignment!

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