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Loose Grip- Viking Cues Tip of the Week with Mike Roque, author of Build Your Game.

Posted by on April 05, 2017


“A loose grip and a relaxed wrist impart more action on the cue ball.” -Buddy Hall

YOU HIT THE CUE BALL a full tip below center, but it doesn’t draw as you expected. You look up in bewilderment wondering what happened.

Either you didn’t hit the cue ball where you imagined, or you hit it below center and put a choppy stroke on it with a tight grip.

Less experienced players think the placement of the cue tip is the secret to controlling the cue ball. But

top players know—that is only part of the equation. The type of stroke, the speed, and the grip also affect how the cue ball will react.

To generate a powerful stroke with a minimum of effort, the cue stick should release through the cue ball on impact with a natural follow–through, parallel to the table whenever possible.

As an experiment, pretend you are about to stroke a ball. Squeeze your gripping hand and feel the tension in your arm. In contrast, let your gripping hand relax and feel the tension dissipate.

It’s simple, but something that often goes unnoticed. A light grip lets your fingers feel the shot. Master it and your game moves to a higher level.

A tight grip chokes the stroke. Keep it loose, keep it loose, keep it loose.

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