Jacked Up - Viking Cues Tip of the Week with Mike Roque, Author of "Build Your Game"

Jacked Up - Viking Cues Tip of the Week with Mike Roque, Author of "Build Your Game"

Posted by Mike Roque | Viking Cues on 8th Apr 2019

Jacked Up

“…you’re shooting down on the ball, which means it can scoot off to the side.”

-Ewa Mataya Laurance

SHOOTING JACKED UP is always tricky. However, there are times when you have no choice. You will need a precise set up, good alignment and very sound fundamentals.

Whenever your cue stick is elevated, there is a chance for the cue ball to massé slightly. Be careful to lift your shooting arm straight up in the back to insure good shot alignment.

It’s crucial to hit the cue ball accurately on its vertical axis. If you’re missing these shots consistently, you are probably favoring the left or right side of the aiming line while raising your back arm.

Identify what your tendencies are and adjust your stance to get your stroke on line. Use the top curvature of the cue ball to locate the vertical axis and align your aim and body to it. Shoot with a soft or medium speed, as a hard stroke will bounce the cue ball off the slate, which greatly reduces accuracy.

If you have to shoot jacked up and need to draw or stop the cue ball, let the weight of the cue stick drop down on the ball. Resist the urge to hit it hard. Be precise, and be patient. These shots are tough, but they are makeable.

When you must elevate your cue, be precise with your aim and set up.

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