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DELICATE SHOTS - Viking Cues Tip of the Week with Mike Roque, author of Build Your Game.

Posted by on July 03, 2017


 “The idea is to use your wrist,never put your shoulder into your shot.” -George Chenier

Soft delicate shots need a delicate and subtle stroke. They don’t need power, they need finesse, and because of this, they have some special requirements.

A classic example is when the ball is only a fraction of an inch off the rail and the cue ball is close to it. You decide to play a safety where you contact the object ball, hit the rail, and freeze the cue ball back up on the object ball.

On this type of shot, the touch is very soft, and works best with a short 1"– 2" bridge. Choke up on the cue stick and hold the cue with a very light, loose grip. Focus on cradling the cue softly, as it’s easier to feel these shots using your hand and wrist. Keep your stroking arm movement to a minimum and create the stroke with a smooth, but little flick of the wrist.

These shots require some practice before you bring them into competition, as it is common to either jab at the cue ball or double–hit it. It’s also a good idea to practice a few before a match.

When you have a sense of how to control the cue ball at very soft hits, you’ll have the confidence to shoot these shots when they show up in a crucial situation.

If it needs to be delicate, shorten up your bridge and use your wrist.

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