Joint Styles



It's your hit.

Regardless of the materials used, Viking joints have wood-on-wood
contact surfaces for a natural, more solid feel.

The different shaft and butt material combinations modify the type of hit produced. The type of hit refers to how the cue feels when energy flows down the shaft, through the joint, and into the butt upon striking the ball. In most instances, joint selection is merely a matter of personal preference.

Viking manufactures each joint component in-house to assure the parts are flawless. Then, using custom designed CNC machinery, we assemble the joints to assure dead-on accuracy.

Joint Code Butt Material Shaft Material Type of Hit
A High-Impact Implex Resin High-Impact Implex Resin Soft
B Stainless Steel High-Impact Implex Resin Firm
C Stainless Steel Stainless Steel Hard
D Maple Maple Soft, Hustler Style